Guillain-Barre Syndrome - A True Story
Guillain-Barre Syndrome - A True Story
Guillain-Barre Syndrome - A True Story
Guillain-Barre Syndrome - A True Story
Some Comments From the Critics

“Incredible, indefatigable, intelligent, ingenious, indelible, incandescent”- Peter Jewkes, ‘The Fountainhead’, Spanish Correspondent.

“It's a great read, sad and funny. The piquancy of the humour sits right up there with Tony Hancock in the Blood Donor when he asked for a badge to be inscribed, ‘nothing pretentious, just they gave that others might live”
Andrew Mourant, ’The Independent’

 “Wonderful/heart rending/funny/deeply sad/thought provoking/emotionally powerful…….and yet so pragmatic”
David Gledhill, Regional Editor ‘Bristol Evening Post’

“A tale of physical incapacity told with such mental energy that it is completely absorbing. Two things strike about the author’s ability to deal with ‘that year’ and all of its horrors and frustrations. First, that he was able to give and get so much from all those who came into contact with him and second his sharp eye for the ridiculous – usually turned inwards. What happened to Sheppard has already had a huge impact on me; his telling of his own perceptions is a revelation”
Willow Corbett-Winder, ‘Tatler’

“Do you have to be near death to discover how well you can write? As dear, much loved and now sadly deceased Frank Muir said, the critical thing that writers have to have is something worthwhile to say and a unique "tone of voice". The author lays bare his fascinating and humbling experience. He is undoubtedly a really strong bugger, whose survival instincts run on high octane… with a resonant tone of voice as deep as Paul Robeson”
David Pinchard, President of the ‘Frank Muir Writers Foundation’

“It made me laugh and it made me cry - in fact I am still crying now. I had heard through the grapevine that a big story was coming, a story that dealt with ‘being unwell’ but never thought for one moment that anyone could write so poignantly if they were THAT ill”
Jane Tapley, ‘Theatre Royal’ Correspondent

“I feel so awful that I did not take the time to find out how it really felt for members of my family and friends to be when they were unwell, lying in pain in hospital before they died… I won’t make that mistake again”
Renny Dindyal, ‘Brooklyn Tribune’

“ I feel as though I have known Sheppard for years, as though he has always been such a good mate, kind and generous… yet that slightly anarchic uncle I never really, really understood” -
Amanda Ashley, ‘Portland Times’

“Despite (or perhaps because of) the tragedy of his situation, the way he writes is just a hoot !!!” -
Victor Ubogu, ex-England Rugby International

“Magnificent, he ought to change job, retire somewhere gorgeous and just carry on writing”
Dominic Walsh, ‘The Times’

“Talent beyond words” -
Andrew Eliel, past Editor ‘Egon Ronay Guides’

“Sad and giggly in equal double measure”
Helen Dorridge, ‘Sydney Herald’

“What an eye opener… just received a demand from the Inland Revenue which confirmed, if I ever needed reminding after reading these memoirs, that ’What the hell, health, true friends and family are the most important things in life as we should know it”  -
Tony Greco, ‘Warrington Guardian’

“Needs re-reading and re-visiting several times over to let it all sink in”
Clive Mantle, Actor (‘Casualty’ Dr Mike Barrett)

“An incredible journey and a privilege to read” -
Dr. Martin Godfrey, past Editor ‘Pulse’

” Well, frankly I’m disappointed. I had expected it to be mostly about us and how much our existence mattered to the author, and that it needed GBS to teach him this simple but obvious truth. But he redeemed himself with a delicious Freudian slip about staying ‘intact’ with the bloke who hired the axe murderers!” -
Patrick and Ivo Tennant, ‘The Daily Telegraph’

“When faced with this sort of experience, suddenly life’s little miseries seem so trivial. It will give a lot of people a new look at their lives and I thank him for it” -
Stuart Harrison, ‘Caterer and Hotelkeeper ‘

“Whenever the author has crossed my path, he has always had a positive effect on me. This script is no exception. The positive mindset may be no great surprise, but the reminder to us all as you get well into your ‘career tunnel’ to look after yourself better, and enjoy the process, not just blast on, head down toward an end result, is one, I’m sure not only I will take from these words”
Malcolm Lindley, Chairman ‘Estate Agents Guild’

“One of those God sent things that makes you re-examine and reassess your own personal life, motives, aims, ambitions and fears… Overall, a humbling event perhaps, but with the friendship and support of those you love coming to the fore Sheppard counts his blessings... for each and every one of them helped him through his ordeal”
Ali Vowles, ‘BBC TV and Radio’ Broadcaster

“Writing is a much better occupation than hotelkeeping!” -
Dominic Walsh, ‘The Times’, again!

“This is a highly amusing and illuminating recovery story, accompanied by moments of sombreness and despair. Such powers of memory, deliciously told”
Marie-Claude Sable, ‘Etampes’, Paris Correspondent

Guillain-Barre Syndrome - A True Story
Guillain-Barre Syndrome
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