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A Solitary Confinement

A true story about Guillain-Barre Syndrome by
Robin Sheppard

Biographers Celebrated at Top London Venue:

March, 2020

A high-profile event this October will bring together Britain’s most distinguished authors, publishers, critics, journalists and producers as they celebrate the art of the biographer.

Run by the Biographers’ Club, the invitation-only event on the 21 October takes place at London’s spectacular Home House private members’ club.

As well as recognising some of the year’s best works, the annual event also offers a flying start for one of the country’s most promising and up-and-coming biographers.

The Biographers’ Club Prize uses the collective talents of Club members to bring a biography to fruition from an unpublished and uncommissioned writer.

The writer is chosen from proposals received during the year and judged by a panel including Nicola Beauman of Persephone Books, Richard Davenport-Hines whose has written biographies of Proust and Auden, and prolific ghostwriter Andrew Crofts.

The prestigious prize also includes £2000 cash and is sponsored by The Daily Mail.

The Biographers’ Club is chaired by the Daily Mail’s book reviewer, Alan Brooke. He said: “We all owe a debt of gratitude to biographers for the perspective they provide on the lives of the rich, the famous, the fascinating and the previously obscure. This event is an encouragement to all who work in the field and the Club Prize is our way of helping bring forward the next generation of writers.”

One of the event’s speakers on the day will be Home House’s own, Robin Sheppard, who earlier this year published a personal account of his battle with the rare and paralysing Guillan-Barre Syndrome.

Robin commented: “Biographies make an immeasurable contribution to the world of literature, our history and our understanding of people and the world. Having made my first foray into writing with my book, A Solitary Confinement, I am doubly thrilled that Home House was chosen as the venue for this event.”

The champagne brunch is also the first major literary event to be held at Home House since its extension into number 21, Portland Square.

The redevelopment includes a substantial increase in the clubs spa facilities, a stunning contemporary bar in a neo-classical setting designed by Zaha Hadid the celebrated architect, more members’ bedroom accommodation plus significant additional parlour rooms and private hire areas.

Robin continued: “There are real parallels between the venue for this event and the Biographers; Club. Our members take a fresh and vibrant look at their subjects and that’s just what Home House has done with its extension in this historic building. The fact that I have recently put my own life under the lens has to be serendipity.”

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